Away From It All Holidays

We provide a holiday for 10 local families every year.


Members volunteer in visits rooms and work with Prison Chaplains running support groups for prisoners. Members send Christmas cards to prisoners and donate refreshments to enable Chaplains to provide hospitality to prisoners.

Crafts for hospitals & prisons

We make clothes and cot quilts for premature babies, shawls and jackets for stillborn babies, knee blankets for older patients and fiddle quilts for dementia patients in our local hospitals and clothing for any disadvantaged children. We provide bags of toiletries for emergency admissions at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. We knit teddies to give to children visiting Leicester Prison and to Social Services and the police for use in their work with children.

Supporting Homeless In Leicestershire

We give Homemaker Packs of basic household essentials, Mother & Baby Bags of toiletries and clothes, Easter eggs, children's clothes, baby equipment, children's knitwear and paperback books for those in need locally.

Asylum Seekers & Refugees

We support the Women's Welcome Project in Leicester, particularly through donating nappies and toiletries. Members are encouraged to support their local projects.


In partnership with Leicester University we produced a book of basic recipes and information for their new students in 2010. Since 2011 we have produced a similar book for Away From It All Holiday families.

Hospital visiting

We have a team of volunteers to visit, on request, at local hospitals. Small gifts are given to some of the long-term patients at Christmas.


We can offer support in setting up a local group. We have trained and accredited facilitators.

Hallowe'en An Alternative

A resource pack of ideas for keeping the eve of All Saints' Day as a Christian festival

In addition

We work within our local churches.
Members are volunteers in child contact centres.
Members support and contribute to the work of the wider Mothers' Union.
Look for our stand at local events.